Svrf API Docs



Authenticates apiKey with the Svrf API using the Authenticate Endpoint.

When you create a new SvrfClient instance, the library will automatically authenticate your Svrf API Key.

However, you may want to postpone the initial authentication request and manually control when the Svrf API Key is authenticated. In that case, you can set IsManualAuthentication option to true. Then call svrf.AuthenticateAsync() manually whenever you want.

The library will automatically handle attaching your Authentication Token to your requests' headers and renew expired tokens.

Authentication tokens will be automatically saved in the memory. Optionally, you can provide your own custom token storage methods.


using Svrf;
using Svrf.Models;
var options = new ApiOptions { IsManualAuthentication = true };
var svrf = new SvrfClient("your key", options);
await svrf.AuthenticateAsync();

Return Value