Svrf API Docs



Options for Search and Trending endpoint requests.


struct SvrfOptions {
let type: [MediaType]?
let stereoscopicType: MediaAPI.StereoscopicType_search?
let category: MediaAPI.Category_search?
let size: Int?
let minimumWidth: Int?
let isFaceFilter: Bool?
let hasBlendShapes: Bool?
let requiresBlendShapes: Bool?
let pageNum: Int?


typeThe type(s) of Media to be returned.
stereoscopicTypeSearch only for Media with a particular stereoscopic type.
categorySearch only for Media with a particular category.
sizeThe number of results to return per-page, from 1 to 100.
minimumWidthThe minimum width for video and photo Media, in pixels.
isFaceFilterSearch only for face filters.
hasBlendShapesSearch only for Media that has blend shapes.
requiresBlendShapesSearch only for Media that requires blend shapes.
pageNumPagination control to fetch the next page of results, if applicable.