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Custom Integrations

Svrf Occluder

Svrf face filters require an occluder to work properly when placed on a user's face. The Svrf iOS and Unity SDKs come with an occluder that can be automatically added to filters. If you are using any of Svrf's other libraries or would like to create a custom integration, you should download and use the Svrf Occluder.

What is included

We've included the occluder in two file formats. Please use the format that best suits your needs. The formats we've included are:

  • .glb
  • .fbx

Using the Svrf Occluder

The occluder model provided includes a node named Occluder that should be set as an occlusion material. It also includes 51 blend shapes to help mimic the expressions of the user. This allows the occluder to conform to the user's expressions. The blend shapes follow Apple's ARKit blend shape dictionary.

Using a custom occluder

If you decide to create a custom occluder, we suggest using the Svrf Occluder files to help you make yours. We can't guarantee the user's experience for custom occluders.